Friday, February 8, 2013

I think I'll plant a medicinal herb garden for my horses!

With spring knocking on our door, I've been thinking about planting a medicinal herb garden for my horses.  I've already started mint and have Echinacea that I will be planting within the next couple of months, both will go around where my beloved Lightning Bug is buried in their dry lot.  I love the idea of my equines self treating when necessary.  Dandelions are already pretty plentiful. I also hope to plant calendula and chamomile.  Around the house I will likely plant catnip, citronella, mint, and meadowsweet.  I believe they are all known to keep certain insects (ticks, fleas, mosquitos) at bay.  Have you ever considered planting an herb garden specifically for your equines?  Please share, and comment! I'd love to read some of the ideas you may have..... 

((here's a great article by Holistic Horse about planting a medicinal herb garden for your horse))

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