Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do you have a "messy" eater?

Do you have a "messy" eater? You know, one that will kick/paw over his feed pan, and/or flip it with his nose? Spreading all of those precious (and sometimes co$tly) supplements all over the ground?? Personally, I have one of those in my herd (pictured). I've used feed bags, placed his feed pan in a tire, placed his feed tub in a cinder block frame and still he's found methods to spread his food around, with most of it meeting the dirt/mud and not his stomach. I began to ponder the many ways we have changed and altered what is natural for the horse. Which led me to how important it is to feed a horse in a way most natural to them and which best honors them(after all, evolution created the perfect creature). Feeding from ground level is how the horse was created to eat, additionally, this manner of feeding has physical benefits too. That said, after trying and not having success with the previous ways mentioned, I started thinking some more of how to feed him in a way that allows for a more natural headset and posture, yet still kept his supplements contained so that he would get them. The picture is what I've come up with and so far is working exceedingly well! ~**Inez

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