Sunday, December 9, 2012

Be at peace Princess P

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that our beloved elder feline, Kalifornia, (affectionately known as “Princess Pigpen” for her predilection of finding and rolling in assorted “undesirables”) has crossed over. I credit her with being my first feline teacher. She is the reason that I began to look more deeply into what we feed our carnivores, she is also part of what catapulted my need to learn more about vaccination protocols. Kalifornia was dx’d as hyperthyroid in 2008, and CRF in 2010. She also had a heart murmur.
Kalifornia lived a full life and was often a frequent companion as I did chores around the farm. She took her designation as queen of the 4leggeds very seriously. Kali was a very discriminating soul; she was very selective about who she would allow to share her space, time, and love with. Very, very few individuals were deemed worthy by her to enter her space, let alone, pet her. She ruled our home and farm with an iron paw and reeked havoc, dispensing discipline swiftly to any she felt crossed whichever line she drew. Kalifornia’s chosen canine was Gabriel. Before she passed, she also chose a “successor” in our youngest feline, PartyTime. We are grateful to have been her “humans” and to have received her love. I will miss her gravelly “meow” and her crooked smile. I am honored to have shared her 16 plus years she walked along the earth and will carry the lessons she taught me into every being I come into contact with. Thank you Kalifornia for being my teacher, you are missed, and you will continue to live on in my heart. -Inez

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