Thursday, December 6, 2012


I’ve been “really into” owls lately…. They’ve been “everywhere” I’ve heard them in my barn, seen them a couple times on the trail, have “items” that I wear with them on… and well… my newest piece of skin art is an owl perched on a weathered book branch with the word LIFE inscribed on it… (and comes out in symbols to I love life~~ Eye=owl’s eyes, Love= red heart on owl chest, and the word life on book..) Any hoot (heehee)…. Owl is OBVIOUSLY a messenger for me… soooo….. I decided to head the call and “read” some of the message ((and OMG!!!!!!!!!))

“For the one beside whom Owl flies, the Gift of Wisdom is a life long quest and within the hearts and minds of these souls is a never ending desire to know more.  Often, they are voracious readers and will feel a little unbalanced when they are not entertaining their minds enough which may eventually manifest as physical and/or emotional ailments, hence it is vital for their sense of equilibrium to challenge their minds via new studies, reading stimulating books or taking up new endeavors that will later be fashioned from the base material of knowledge into applied principles that become another wellspring of Owl Wisdom

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