Thursday, December 13, 2012

Obsess much?? ((well maybe..just a little))

I spy a horse eating monster over there!
I spy a horse eating monster over there!

I looked out the window from my porch this morning to see my 2 Arabians, Kopper & Fuego carrying on, zooming around their field, rearing up, flipping around, faux double barrel kicking, grabbing at each others tails, rearing, and faux striking, more nipping at each others shoulder, nose, and flank, second verse, same as the first. I stood watching them for a good 15 minutes before I thought to snap a photo.  Of course, by this time their “wild horse on the range” antics had subsided and they were snorting at a horse eating monster they spied on the other side. 

Meanwhile, through the commotion of crazed Arabs racing and skirting around him, Dusty nibbled the frosty grass totally oblivious, as if the shenanigans were far beneath his OTTB elegance. The secret is, beneath his facade of calm indifference, it is usually Dusty, channeling his racehorse days as Precocious Leader, who is instigating race and play.
 What is it about frosty mornings that inspire zoomies in equines?? It is indeed a sight to behold and still today, their beauty and grace steals my breath. I was that horse crazed little girl….  It was thought that when I “got older” the equine obsession would begin to temper & fade… if anything.. this “phase” has only grown stronger… now I am the horse crazed woman….
 My “equine obsession” still consumes my thoughts… only now, instead of daydreaming about a pretty pony manes, I am wondering if that gelding I saw the other day with his frontalis muscles in spasm has had his teeth looked at or his feet addressed. I am thinking about how to approach this with a client, how to tell them that in order for him to have the full benefit of the bodywork, those things must also be taken into consideration… then my mind wanders into nutrition… what is that horse eating? How much exercise does he get? Each answer leads me to another question and observation.
Yes… I am indeed horse obsessed… and dog obsessed… well… let’s just say I am obsessed with animals… Obsessed with their wellness and overall vitality. I am holistically and animally obsessed and I hope this hunger is never satiated!

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