Thursday, January 31, 2013

Budweiser does it again!

With Superbowl this weekend, Budweiser has released a new commercial. I am not advocating for this particular product. What stands out is the heartfelt connection (yes, I realize it is a commercial). I say, as lovers of the animals in our care, many of whom have been our greatest teachers, many of us can relate to the connection and bond that is formed. We seek to strengthen this bond and continually strive to improve on our own skills to both learn from, share with, honor, and respect the animal we are in partnership with. Be it, brief moments of time spent via training, or healing (massage/acupuncture/herbs/AC, or whichever services and modalities we offer), or over an extended time for those who walk our life path with us. This commercial touched me.. I recognize the message; that of honor, respect, and heartfelt connection. What did this 1 minute and 13 second "story" evoke in you?? Anything bubble up (besides thinking of beer, football, and food??~joking)??

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