Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meandering thoughts about balance and posture

I've been thinking a lot about balance and posture lately. Both in humans and in our animals. As I was carrying a heavy tote on my right shoulder, I began to pay attention to what was happening in my body, where I felt strain and tight, and how other parts of my body was compensating. The same thing happens in animals.. If one muscle is in spasm, the body will pull from another area to compensate.... If unable to address the problem (tight shoulder) and/or loosen and open it up, the spasm stays and before you know it, the tight shoulder adds in lower back pain. And if that is not addressed, it carries into your posture which then pulls from other muscle groups and the next thing you know you have pain in your neck, pain in your lower back, your shoulder still hurts, and you're leaning to one side because your muscles are tight.

Then, you go and ride your horse with your crooked, imbalanced self and the horse is forced to adjust his way of moving to balance you both out and the next thing you know, he is no longer rounding and collecting, he is heavy in the front and he has trouble bending. Interesting how this all relates together, isn't it??

Edited 1/17/13 to add:
And to break down the mouth/teeth/feet/body connection here's another example: you have a toothache on your upper right molar... it hurts! To "help" yourself, you may chew differently, perhaps only on your left side, the ache extends to your temples and you have a headache.. pain with every step... perhaps you crook your neck to the side a bit to avoid pressure on the tooth and temple, you're walking slower... from holding your head and neck gingerly to inside, you're sending your neck muscles into spasm.. to compensate, your body pulls from another area... diagonally from your left hind, lower back... you are bracing with every step... the compensatory action is now traveling down your legs.. because you have agitated your sciatic nerve, so now you are walking stepping in.. which effects the soles of your feet and shoes... doggone it!! Where did that bone spur come from??? Get the drift?? Soooo... the foot issue may not necessarily be the underlying problem, but a symptom of the original concern... which may be the teeth, or body... posture plays a HUGE role in this too!

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