Thursday, November 7, 2013

FDA? Are they credible?

What do you think? Does the FDA have the best interests of your family and animal companions in mind?

You've read my thoughts about conventional processed food and it's no secret I am a proponent of raw and species appropriate food. Susan Thixton writes another thought provoking article. How trustworthy is the FDA really??

"It's perplexing how the FDA can tell consumers to "not feed your pet a raw diet" but it is acceptable to the agency for euthanized animal remains or animals that have died in the field – lying in the sun decomposing for days – to be cooked into a slurry or powder and dumped into dog and cat food.  Raw pet food made from USDA inspected and approved meats are dangerous for your pet and you – but decomposing, diseased animals are "suitable for use in animal food" and perfectly safe for you to handle.

The FDA cannot see they just discredit themselves with each 'announcement' like this.  They lose more and more respect from the public.  How sad.  This raw pet food witch hunt needs to stop.  The outright FDA permission for pet food to violate federal law needs to stop.   Who is the FDA really protecting?"