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LB LOVES Reiki and Massage
LB LOVES Reiki and Massage
Inez Donmoyer is a Certified Equine, Canine, and Small Animal Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Practitioner. She received her undergraduate degree from the College of Notre Dame, and is in the last year of her graduate degree. She is an animal advocate and donates her services to local Rescues, Shelters, Therapy Animal organizations, and Therapeutic Riding Centers. Before moving to Maryland, she was very active with an animal rescue group. Most of the animals (dogs) rescued were victims of dog fighting and abuse, both as fighting dogs and “bait” dogs.  Her role in that organization was that of foster, rehabilitation and retraining.
Animals have always been a special passion of hers, specifically horses and dogs.  They have been her best teachers in life, offering friendship, service, love, joy, and learnings. Over the years she has been pondering ways to help honor and benefit animals, and to “give back.” Through massage and Reiki she is able to offer healing to the creatures that so often give all of themselves to the humans that have them, be it through sport and competition, military, service, police, therapy work, and/or companionship. Inez has a strong interest in wellness and creating a  healing environment, specifically as it relates to the animals we share our life and world with.  She believes that creating a “healing team” is an integral part of thriving wellness and seeks to work together with other animal practitioners, including and not limited to: veterinarians, farriers, equine dentists, intuitives, energy workers, aromatherapists, nutritionists,  homeopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, trainers, and YOU, the owner.

Katie Mae loves Reiki!
Katie Mae loves Reiki!
Healing is a team effort and begins from the inside out, one must look at the whole of the being, not just the part. Of course, the journey doesn’t stop here.. She is a lifelong learner and every day brings a new lesson.  Inez continues to pursue certifications and further studies into different healing modalities, including and not limited to: aromatherapy, nutrition, flower essences, homeopathy, and acupressure.
Inez Donmoyer specializes in Equine, Canine, and Small Animal Massage and Reiki healing for all animals, including humans both distance and in person.  She seeks to look at the whole in order to facilitate healing and is a firm believer in showing and teaching humans how they too can help partner with the animals in their care.

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