Monday, April 8, 2013

Geeking out over posture!

This past weekend I headed up to Daisy Haven Farm for a Postural Rehab Clinic.... And here are my thoughts and takeaways from the final day....

The final day of the Postural Rehab workshop at Daisy Haven Farm. What a FANTASTIC weekend chock full of brain loading information. Genuinely grateful to Dr. Judith Shoemaker, Dr. Karen Gellman, Elizabeth Reese, and The indomitable Daisy for extending this clinic outside of the vet/chiro world and offering this learning to us Bodyworkers, Hoof Care Practitioners, & Equine Dentists. What a fantastic tool to add to our observational skills. Some valuable takeaways (& reminders) from this weekend:

*OBSERVE- don't dx (which is outside of scope anyway), don't create story, or form opinion

*Do not confuse Posture with Conformation with Position

*We are all a part of a complex system

*Vertebrates-there is a relationship of the head, neck, and back. Hoof balance and dentistry are key factors

*Gravity- it's the law. Neutral stance is important.

*Universal Priorities- 1. Protect nervous system. 2. Stay upright and balanced. 3. Respond to outside world. 4. React to pain.

((these are just the minute few tidbits of learning. There was so MUCH more that I am not able to cover in this post))

*I met a number of practitioners from numerous part of the country.

*Daisy Haven Farm sure knows how to feed their attendees! Thanks DHF for having, hosting, and offering this FANTASTIC clinic!!

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