Monday, April 1, 2013

Horses. Curry. Massage. Shed

As many of us know.. "shedding season" is upon us… Did you also realize the value of a nice nubby rubber curry??  Currying a horse (or other furry beloved) will help to bring dirt, dust, dead skin, dandruff, and loose fur to the surface; it is also beneficial to the muscles, skin, and soft tissue.  How? Well.. the curry gives a bit of a massage to the tissue, in addition to loosening hair, dirt, and dust, it also helps to warm, massage, and loosen muscles. 


When using a curry, you want to use circular motions.  Gauge your animals reaction.  They will tell you if you need more/less pressure.  Work from the poll/neck to the hindquarters.  Go lightly over bony prominences, such as the point of hip and shoulders. Watch the animals reaction, they are all individuals so may tolerate and even enjoy various amounts of pressure and speed.  If working on the forehead and/or legs, use a softer curry than the one pictured or a curry mitt, and again start gentle, and watch for feedback. While working the rubber curry, also keep your other hand on the horse, this will allow you to sense any tension, and him to know where you are.  To clean the curry, you can tap it on a hard surface and the dirt/hair will fall off/out.


I've found that grooming and currying also contributes to deepening the bond I have with my horses so bonus all around! Of course, I've also found that during this time of the year, it seems more of his coat is on me then on the horse by the time it's all said and done..  What are your thoughts?

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