Monday, May 6, 2013

A healing kinda' weekend!

This past weekend was a nice horsey and wellness treat! Per previous post, the dentist, Krystin of HorseFloss, came on Saturday for UDWTs herd (check her out! We LOVE Krystin Dennis~ she also has a business facebook page and is always open to exchanging and sharing knowledge), then I headed to her farm for my own bit of tending(I will return at a later date to work on a few of her animals, this visit was all about me :oD )... while there for myself, I had Reflexology and a reading by Christine Price (another EXTREMELY gifted healer, @stardazer111 ).

Sunday morning we had Jan of Ark Acupuncture over for UDWTs, Gabriel, (Jan Novak~ , is another one of our favorite healers and is also extremely gifted!) and later that afternoon you found me in Silver Run at Twin Forest Farm and the home of Ark Acupuncture, to work on and assess a couple of horses. While there we also had Jen of Sweet Retreat Equine Dentistry (We also love Jen Kolberg~ and she too has a business fb page and is a great one to exchange ideas with). I then headed to my own farm ( ) to work on and with a few members of my own herd and today, my herd will have their hooves trimmed by our super competent hoof care practitioner, Patty Lynch.

I guess the purpose of this post is four-fold. 1) to highlight professionals working together and in support of each other, 2) the importance to take time out for self-healing and to have someone tend the wellness needs of you, the practitioner, 3) to touch on 3 foundation principles of Postural Rehabilitation (PR) ~ teeth, feet, body/posture, and 4) to introduce and highlight the concept of having a healing team in place.

1) Professionals working together and in support of each other: It's always nice to surround yourself with energies that align with your own and have similar focus and intent. In this case, the wellness of the animals and each other. All of the professionals I listed I have deep respect and affection for. They are GREAT at what they do and are also great resources for further information, and education as well as communication. This comes into play at the exchange of ideas and thoughts. I love having the support of other professionals that I can bounce my ideas and observations off of. Having them around can help you navigate and validate or negate some of your own findings. They inspire further contemplation and thought into what is observed in the animal (or human) that is the client.
2) The importance of taking time out for self-healing: This is a message that comes back to me again and again. As a "healer" and practitioner taking time for self is imperative to fully realize and provide the work that we do. This is something that I am not practiced at doing, taking time for my own self healing, and know that is crucial for over-all wellness and not to deplete the stores of my energy.
3) With the dentist tending my horses Saturday, me doing bodywork on them Sunday, and the hoof care practitioner balancing them today, we have some of the key principles to PR. All 3 of these things are intrinsically related to the overall wellness and balance of your horse. This is something I often speak and post about. They go hand in hand (or rather hoof and teeth and body) with each other and are codependent.
4) Having a healing team in place: A healing team is also a passion of mine that I often post about. Know who you can call to support the needs of yourself and those who are in your care. This doesn't mean that you will be calling them constantly, or even always in need of their services. What this does mean is that you have a "team" of folks who are there when you need them. Knowing *who* to call and having their information ready and available will save you (and your animal companions) in the long run.

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts and experiences with the 4 items I highlighted? I'd love to hear from you!! ~**Inez

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