Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beautiful night ponderings.

Another absolutely GORGEOUS night!! I LOVE this time of year! Upon getting home at a quarter to dark o'clock, I sat outside while my horses ate and listened to the sounds of them chewing. The frogs are pretty silent, as are the crickets, which is odd for so warm an evening. Everything is so "still" outside. After Kopper Top finished, he did his usual (hang out wherever I am-which in this case was on a mounting block outside the fence). There is absolutely NOTHING in this world like the love and affection of an Arabian horse. After wuffling and mussing my hair (which is a favorite thing for him to do to me), he gave me sweet, horsey kisses. Honestly, I absolutely ADORE the love and "in your pocket" trait of the Arabian. I was telling someone earlier today that I am a complete sucker for an affectionate horse. And how grateful and fortunate am I to have the love of two?? Arabians ROCK!! There is so much about them that I admire and cherish! ((I also noticed that I have a nice 11-piece luggage set under my eyes! Moon madness catching up! Perhaps I should get to sleep "early")).

With thoughts of joyous sunshine and rest,


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