Monday, May 13, 2013

Izzy's Love Equine Rescue!!

Saturday I spent some time at Izzy's Love Equine Rescue ( -the website is still "under construction"). I had my friend, Holly with me and we did some healing work with Bubba (a recent return and the big beautiful chestnut pictured on the left). Some of what he received was aromatherapy, HTA, energywork/Reiki, and bodywork.  Holly shared some HTA (and energy work) with him, seeking to balance his chakras and I did a bit of aromatherapy, Reiki/energy work, and bodywork (massage/acupressure), he also got a bit of therapy from my cold laser pad.  Going into the session, Bubba was a bit high headed and distracted (understandably so given the recent changes in his life). He was a bit blocked from the heart chakra (shoulder/withers) on back (and showed pain during palpation along his withers to his lower lumbar with the most tension and stress points held in his withers and scapula). By the time we finished he had released his tension and was very accepting and relaxed, he was also no longer showing discomfort upon palpation.  Bubba is a REALLY nice horse and I hope that he lands somewhere soft.  In the meantime, he's in good hands at Izzy's Love with the support and love that both Debbie and Russ provide.  Let it be known that if a horse I work on is adopted, I will donate/give one free healing session included in his adoption.  This may be bodywork, energywork, or aromatherapy,(and potentially a combination of what I have to offer in my "healing" toolkit) depending on the individual animal's personal needs. This applies solely to those I have worked on.


The cutey on the right is Cricket.  She has a beautiful face and I believe is a permanent resident due to some of the health concerns she holds (both physical and emotional).  I can say that Russ has a certain way with the "damaged" ones… they seem to gravitate towards his gentle and caring nature. 


If you're looking for a FANTASTIC rescue to support, please consider Izzy's Love Equine Rescue ( ). They are now a 501c3 and I will personally vouch for the love and tending that the residents receive from founder, Debbie, and her #1 helper, Russ.


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