Monday, May 13, 2013

Learning is FUN!!

I love learning new ideas, information and theories, then connecting the dots in my mind. 

This is one of the many "thoughts" that speak to me and stands out from the below posted article, there are so many TRUTHS to be found here:

" Quite obviously I interested Manchester since he rarely talks with his mouth full of hay. What I like with modern understanding of our vertebral column's muscular system is that it becomes quite obvious that only our central nervous system and in particular our brain, can efficiently coordinate such a complex mechanism. Perhaps, instead of annihilating our brain through dim obedience, our riders may realize than a true partnership would generate better performances while giving us a chance to remain sound.  Then he swallowed his last bite and dropped the head for another full mouth of hay. I was thinking that such was his last words but he raised his head again and asked, do you know that I am a "dumbblood." I looked at him incredulously and he added;this is the way they call us when we are not performing as they wish. The amusing side of the story is that they don't know that in our world, the dumb is the rider and the blood is the horse."
-Chazot's Thoughts, Science of Motion

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