Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TRUST- I strive to be worthy.

"To force a horse when it does not understand is like training a dancer by whipping and spurring" —- The Art Of Horsemanship by Xenophon – Greek General – 365B.C.

FANTASTIC blog post and highly suggested reading! I LOVE synchronicity and this came across my page as I was pondering this same exact subject! I was thinking about  the thousands of years of evolution and instinct that is the horse (prey) and how often we (predator) are constantly asking him to override that instinct and trust us. I had literally just explained that to a person today, talking about the equines natural claustrophobia and comparing trailers and other such things to the watering hole and place where the predator (lion) jumps the horse (prey) and the horse then becomes "food." Thousands of years of survival instinct that we ask, not force(in my case), the horse to override. I was telling this person how wonderful and worthy of treasuring that type of trust warrants and how such trust and belief in me is deeply humbling and takes time, patience, and gentle persistence. I strive to be worthy of such trust~**Inez

What are your thoughts on this? How does this article resonate with you??


With thoughts of joyful sunshine and trust,


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