Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am such a LUCKY girl!!

Met with one of my favorite clients last night. Most of his concerns are emotional which then becomes physical. When I first met this horse he was extremely high headed, worried, and tense (I have posted about him at least one time previously); aside from him being an "emotional" horse, physically he is built with a high neck set (which I believe also contributes to his tendency to be "in his head"). I have had the pleasure of seeing him change with each visit from me, he is losing his "worried" look. His human tells me that he seems to prepare and "wait" for me to arrive on our scheduled days, I believe this to be true. He is also a kind and sensitive horse. I allow each animal (human and otherwise) to choose how their session with me will go and they "choose" which of the modalities I offer will best serve them. For our first few sessions he benefited most from energy work and aromatherapy. This is likely because most of what we treated were his emotional concerns. This boy LOVES the YL Essential Oils and we have incorporated the oil(s) he has called for and chosen into each session (always Valor, and then usually 3-4 others). As he mentally has become more balanced I am incorporating and closing with more of the physical/musculoskeletal work and have often done a combination, again, depending on his particular needs. Last night we switched it up a bit. I had just received an YLEO new to me, Trauma Life, which I intuited he would like and choose (which he did). He also chose Valor (who doesn't LOVE Valor). He literally lapped it up. Something else that was different about last night's session is he did not call much for the energy work, instead we went right into the musculoskeletal work. This is a 180 from how previous sessions would go. I am so HAPPY with the progress that is being made with this boy and so very grateful that he and I have crossed paths. He never fails to both greet me and to thank me and honestly, that is thanks enough.. I seriously LOVE this healing work that I am blessed to do and am grateful for all of the teachers that continue to show me the way (to me I have learned most from the animals I tend).

With thoughts of joyous sunshine and gratitude~**Inez

**Who have been some of your greatest animal teachers?? We'd love to hear from you! Please comment, post, and share.

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